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Catia V5

Catia V5 is the leader solution for the excellence of the products and it is in a position to cover the whole trial products development , from the invention to the practise, in a full integrated and associative manner.
Catia V5 is thought for all the manufacturing businesses, from the Original Equipment Manufacturer with their chains of the supply to the small independent businesses, its range of functionality allow to use it in a large variety of areas: aerospace industry, car, industrial machinery, electric, electronics, naval constructions, and planning of installations and other consumption good , including clothing and jewellery.

Catia V5 is based on an open and scalable architecture and it includes:

  • Formal Design
  • Mechanical and systems Planning
  • Digital mock-up management
  • Analysis
  • Simulation

Catia V5 is much easier to use than CAD package

It allows the businesses to re-use the relevant knowledge of product planning and to accelerate the development cycles, Catia V5 helps the businesses to answer more swiftly to the requirements of the market and if used together with management tools for the life cycle and the decision-making support like Enovia Vplm, Enovia Smarteam and solutions for the planning of the manufacture like Delmia, Catia V5 would be the key for collaborative Plm.

Catia V5 offers the keys of the PLM for the businesses that adopt a centred approach on the processes:

* Product to market. Catia is the solution for the excellence of the products.
From the initial invention of the product to the production, his functionality of concurrent engineering and of contextual planning create value letting the businesses creating new products and introducing them on the market.
* Time to market. The unsurpassed covering of Catia 's processing , combined with the native association of its applications, allows the customers to abbreviate the time to market.
* Right to market. The integral applications of analysis, simulation, synthesis and optimization of Catia allow the product planning validation at each phase to guarantee the quality of the product and the acceptance on the market.
* Leader on the market. The Advanced functionality of Catia for the collaborative planning, the capturing and the re-use of some knowledge stimulate the innovation and help the customers to be leader of the market.
With its three platforms (P1, P2 and P3) Catia V5 is the most scalable solution for the creation of products.

catia v5

The users of Catia V5 P1 benefit from the PLM productivity to accessible prices, with the safety of a potential growth.
They can carry out an associative planning of the products thanks to the contextual planning functionality , re-use of some knowledge, end-to-end associatively , validation and ollaborative management of the changes.

Catia V5 P2 users can optimize the PLM processes thanks to the integration of the knowledge, to the accelerators of the processes and to the personalized tool.
They can stimulate the generative planning of products based on the most immense wallet of applications.
They can perform targeted planning, they can capture and re-use the knowledge and stimulate the collaborative innovation.

With Catia V5 P3 we can obtain the greatest productivity of the advanced processes with aimed solutions. The users can make use of themselves of expert engineering and advanced innovations , relying on exclusive and extremely specialized applications that integrate skills of the product and of the process.

The world of Catia V5 is fully scalable because the platforms P1, P2 and P3 operate on the same data model, on the same methodology and on the same management plans.
Thanks to the possibility to install applications P2 on P1 platforms and to the standardization of the user graphic interfaces on the varied platforms, the users P1 can begin immediately to apply the collaborative planning to the inside of the extensive business with users of P2 and then to pass the platforms P2 and P3 by the time that the business is growing.

Catia V5 is available for Unix and Windows platforms, 32Bit and 64Bit.
The new configurations PLM EXPRESS allow an instantaneous approach to the PLM (product lifecycle management), thanks to a' unique based configuration (CAT – Catia Team PLM) entirely ready for the solid modelling, assembly and PDM.

The functionalities can be extended and developed through bundle forms, options ENABLER, that are also upgradeable with the EXTENSION options.


Design & Development

Besides the activity of consultancy and hardware and software retailer, Diesse Cim is specialized in Aided Design through:

Catia V5

- Solutions PLM
- Product Lifecycle Management
- Systems CAD
- Computer Aided Design
- Systems CAM
- Computer Aided Manufactoring
- Systems CAE
- Computer Aided Engineering
- Systems PDM/VPM- Managers of technical data