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It has begun from a splash, from a drawing, from a physical model, or from a simple idea.
Rhino supplies yourselves the necessary tools to model with accuracy and precision for then proceeding with the rendering, the animation, the drafting, the analysis and the industrial production.
Rhino can create, change, analyze and translate curves, surfaces and solid NURBS to Windows.
There is not limits for how much pertains the complexity, the degree or the dimensions. Besides, Rhino support the use of polygonal mesh and of scatter plots. Particularly, the program offers the following features:

* Boundless Tools for the free-form 3-D modelling, that alone produced a lot more expensive can offer. Possibility to model imaginable every shape.

* Precision, necessary for the design, the accomplishment of prototypes, the planning, the analysis and the accomplishment of any model, from an aeroplane to a jewellery.

* Compatibility with the other design of programs everything, drafting, CAM, analysis, rendering, animation and illustration.

* Reading and reparation of very complicated IGES file.

* Accessibility. So easy to learn and to use that the user concentrates on the drawing and the display without being distracted from the software.

* Speed, also on a normal laptop. It does not require any specific hardware.

* No special hardware requirements. Common hardware. Rapid curve of learning.
Same band of price of the other programs Windows. Zero pays of maintenance.


Design & Development

Besides the activity of consultancy and hardware and software retailer, Diesse Cim is specialized in Aided Design through:


- Solutions PLM
- Product Lifecycle Management
- Systems CAD
- Computer Aided Design
- Systems CAM
- Computer Aided Manufactoring
- Systems CAE
- Computer Aided Engineering
- Systems PDM/VPM- Managers of technical data