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The competitive market of today always requires a greater quality.
The business process is becoming more globalized and decentralized, including lot of different reality and different departments, suppliers and customers.
The relevant information of the product are not related anymore to a single environment.
Smarteam supplies the suitable tool to exploit the technological potential of every business.

Smarteam is a solution that by helping to minimize the data redundancy, allows and facilitates the exchange and the interaction of the relevant information to the product within the business and across the whole supply chain, everything in secure manner, open and flexible and for this directed is to the large businesses that to the small and middle enterprises.

SMARTEAM offers the following advantages:

* It allows to recover the business knowledge that take start from the planning and it allows to manage and to monitor all of the informative product flow inside and out of the business.
* It is an effective decision-making support tool: it automates the workflow of the information, it manages the alterations of the project and all the vital information on the product across the business and the supply chain.
* It Guarantees safety, monitoring and revision of the data,, independently from the format and from the origin, it creates connections between documents and data business structures with the entire management of the comprehensive and of the relevant basic receipt, the hierarchical connections between the components, attributes synchronization and connection between the relevant data of a product.
* It contains defined data structure, simple and intuitive, reducing drastically the necessity of personalization, however possible.
* It optimizes the data, eliminates the superfluous information, it allows to enter immediately to the information that you seek and to all related data.


Design & Development

Besides the activity of consultancy and hardware and software retailer, Diesse Cim is specialized in Aided Design through:


- Solutions PLM
- Product Lifecycle Management
- Systems CAD
- Computer Aided Design
- Systems CAM
- Computer Aided Manufactoring
- Systems CAE
- Computer Aided Engineering
- Systems PDM/VPM- Managers of technical data